7/2/13 at Great American Ball Park

It was a pretty day to catch some baseball, especially in Cincinnati. As soon as we got to the ballpark, we had about 2 hours to hours to kill. We wandered around the ballpark and the riverfront and took photos like this one.

And this…

So yeah, I sometimes make ridiculous faces. But anyway, we walked around for about another hour and looked at different gate entrances. After walking around we ate a bite at Johnny Rockets. (Me love Bacon Cheese Fries!!!) Afterwards, we went to the Hall of Fame Museum and picked up our batting practice tickets. Next the guide came and led us out to right field, where I sprinted to see if I could find some Easter Eggs, and wouldn’t you know it I found one. Rocco didn’t run for eggs today cause his knee was hurting ( Who’s Rocco?  Rocco Sinisi is a regular at Great American who has snagged around 800 baseballs). Ball 2 didn’t require any effort (same goes for ball 3,4, and 5) it was just a toss-up from Logan Ondrusek. Ball 3 was thrown by  Aroldis Chapman after I asked him for it in Spanish. I didn’t get  anything else the rest of Reds bp. When the rest of the gates opened, I went to left field and of course didn’t find any eggs. Ball 4 was a over throw by Juan Perez, so I had to go back a few rows to get it. Ball 4 is actually kind of funny. My brother went to get me something to drink cause I was craving of thirst, a minute later I noticed that a ball was on the warning track so rushed down the steps to the front row as Chad Gaudin was about to pick it up I asked him for the ball he looked up and tossed it right up. That was it for the day. As soon as the game started we settled into our seats in straight away left.

The highlight of the night was this…..

Yes that’s right!!! Homer Bailey pitched a no-hitter going perfect in 7 innings until he walked somebody. You have to give the guy some credit, pitching 2 no-no’s in his career now that’s pretty impressive!!!!


  • 5 balls at this game (4 pictured because I gave one away)
  • 5 balls x 27,509=  137,545v Competition Factor
  • 7 straight games with at least 1 ball 
  • 5 straight games with at least 2 balls
  • 5 straight game with at least 5 balls                  



A picture of me with the 4 of the 5 balls that I got today.


6/4/13 at Great American Ball Park

One word can only describe this day, AWESOME!!!!!! The day started off on a good note by getting a batting practice ticket at the Hall of Fame Museum. After getting the ticket, our guide arrived about 5 minutes later and led us to right field where we have to stay there for 70 minutes (let’s just say those 70 minutes where pretty awesome).

Ball #1- Jonathan Broxton was snagging fly balls in right center field for about 15 minutes. I was going to ask him for one but then I changed my mind. Finally, I had my chance! A batter hit a high fly ball all the way to the wall. When Ball #1- Jonathan Broxton was snagging fly balls in right center field for about 15 minutes, I was going to ask him for one but then I changed my mind. Finally, I had my chance! A batter hit a high fly ball all the way to the wall. When Broxton came to retrieve I asked him for it and he tossed it right up.

Ball #2- Finally when the rest of the players came out, a batter hit a ball to deep center Sam LeCure went over to get it I asked him for it (making sure that Broxton wasn’t around hearing me begging for another ball) and then he threw it my way.

Ball #3- Some Reds players were actually hitting some homers near me. Finally, when Xavier Paul stepped into the cage and hit one right to me, it bounced off a seat and laid right below me all I had to do is bend down and pick it up which I did!!

Ball #4- There was a ball hit right to the wall beside the bullpen. It just sat there for 10 minutes. Finally, I was about to get my  glove trick out until Manny Parra came over and picked it up, at first I thought he wasn’t going to give it to anybody until, he looked up at me and tossed me the ball weird right?!?! I didn’t even ask for it.

Ball #5- It was 5:10 30 minutes until the rest of the gates open and I’d already gotten 4 balls well when Devin Mesoraco came over to retrieve it I wasn’t expecting anything less. I called him out and he tossed right up to me.

Ball #6- Bounced on back to the field and Alfredo Simon tossed it up to me.

Ball  #7- This my favorite ball of all time!!! Mat Latos never tosses balls into the crowd until today! A weak grounder went to the wall Latos went to get it, I asked him politely for it and BOOM!!! He tossed it right up!!!

Ball #8- Nothing special about this ball. It bounced into the seats a few rows behind me, so I just jogged up there and got it.

Ball #9- Rockies portion of BP was awful. I only got one ball and it was a toss up from the big man, Jon Garland.

Ball #10- When the Rockies got finished with their pre-game warm up throws Carlos Gonzalez hooked me up.

That was about it for the game, the Rockies went on to win 5-4.